Brochure is a legal size document with landscape orientation folded in quarters. It is folded in half and in half again ending with the same height and slightly smaller width of a typical 3 panel brochure. The description of the first page follows how someone would first view and then work through to examine the folded brochure. The second page describes the view after the brochure is completely open. All text and images are centered within the panels. All photos are framed in beige rectangles with rounded corners. Photo captions are above for breed and below for names. Paper color is white and text is in black. All text is in times roman 14 pt. font. Headings are in all capitals.

First page
Front panel: From top to bottom - Logo, Heading, Photo, Heading
Logo: Alumni Association of Pilot Dogs
Heading: Established 1960
Photo: boy with dog standing in front of Pilot Dogs building; caption- Tim Schneebeck with Thunder (1958-Age 9)
Heading: With each step
Heading: forward
Heading: we become a team

Back panel: From top to bottom – Heading, Text, Photo, Text Box
Heading: Purpose
Text: To bring Pilot graduates together to share information, knowledge and experiences while promoting awareness among the general public of the value of guide dogs to those who are blind and visually impaired
Photo: man seated on coach holding gray poodle; caption – Standard Poodle, Melvin Reynolds with Max
Text Box: caption- place business card here

Inside left panel: From top to bottom – Heading, Text, Photo, Text, Clipart
Heading: Member Benefits
Text: Membership is extended to any student who has successfully trained and graduated with a Pilot Dog
Photo: man kneeling on one knee with black English lab sitting beside him, caption – Labrador Retriever, Warren Parker and Macie
Text: The Pilot Connection,
Text: Yahoo Listserve,
Text: Alumni Store,
Text: Alumni Web Site
Clipart: paw print

Inside right panel: From top to bottom – Photo, Heading, Text, Photo
Photo: woman with amber tinted glasses sitting on floor with arms around sitting fawn boxer (dog’s ears are not cropped); caption – Marilyn Olfky with Zack)
Heading: Dues
Text: Annual dues are $12 in the United States and $15 in Canada. Dues are prorated the first year for new applicants. Thereafter, dues are assessed July 1st of every year
Photo: young woman seated on ledge with flowers behind her and black and tan german shepherd dog in harness seated on floor at her feet; caption – Kaitlyn Cherry with Mira

Second page panel 1: From top to bottom – Logo, Heading, Text
Logo : Alumni Association of Pilot Dogs
Heading: Milestones
Text (paragraph 1): In 1953 Stanley Doran, founder of Pilot Dogs Inc., along with a small group of graduates decided it would be fun to have a yearly gathering of Pilot Dog graduates. The first such gathering was held in Columbus, OH.
Text (paragraph 2): Since that time, students and their Pilot dogs have met for fellowship and fun at the annual Pilot Dog Alumni convention in locations all over the country. Traditionally every fifth year is held in Columbus to honor our commitment to the school that has impacted our lives in such a
positive manner - Pilot Dogs Inc.

Second page panel 2: From top to bottom- Text, Photo
Text (paragraph 1): In 1960 the group became known as the Alumni Association of Pilot Dog Owners. A board of directors was established who collaborated to draft a constitution. A nominal membership fee was established.
Text (paragraph 2): From humble beginnings the Alumni Association has grown into an active, productive organization. Each year dedicated members raise funds to donate to Pilot Dogs school. Student comfort and support is the primary goal of these efforts.
Photo: man in yellow slicker standing on a curb in front of bus golden retriever in harness sits beside him; caption – Golden Retriever, Christopher Cooley with Sam

Second page panel 3: From top to bottom – Text, Photo, Heading, Clipart
Text: In 2010 the Alumni Association celebrated 50 years as an organization by presenting Pilot Dogs with scholarship funds to raise, train and place a guide dog with a blind master
Photo: Red dog with leash and collar sits looking out casement window; caption – Vizsla, Malachi, (Handler – Sommer Jones)
Heading: Welcome
Clipart: Paw print

Second page panel 4: From top to bottom – Photo, Heading, Text
Photo: woman in semi-formal attire stands with Red Doberman pinscher in harness (dog’s ears are not cropped) sitting beside her; caption – Doberman Pinscher, Truie Davis with Zeus
Heading: Annual Convention
Text: Held each June the convention is hosted by an alumni member in his/her town or city. The locations differ and so do the themes but some things remain the same each year. Tall Tales, Obedience and Obstacle Course competitions are yearly favorites along with good food, good fellowship and the chance to celebrate the unique experiences of working with our wonderful dogs.